Home staging is the act of preparing your home for sale with a special emphasis on appearance and presentation.  The goal of staging a home is to attract a buyer more quickly and for the highest possible price.  Statistics show that a staged home sells 3 – 10% higher than unstaged homes and in half the time. 

Why should I bother staging my home? This is one of the most common home staging questions among sellers, especially those who are selling in a seller's market.


Here's the bottom line: Staging your home can benefit you regardless of what type of real estate market you are in.

In a buyer's market, you will need every advantage you can get in order to sell your home for a decent sale price, so it's extra important to stage your home effectively. But even in a seller's market staging can help you achieve a quick sale for the maximum sale price.

So no matter what kind of real estate market you are in, it's always wise to stage your home for the market.

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